Two hot blondes are poisoned and then bound and gagged by aborigines

Beautiful girls were hunting for treasures when were poisoned with arrows then bound, gagged and exposed

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Two beautiful blondes on the pictures are explorers on the hunt for ancient treasures. They are pretty close to their goal but there is one thing silly sluts aren't aware of and it is a lot of aborigines who are hiding in the bushes. A couple of accurate dart shots are enough for both of the sexy ladies to be knocked out with the dope. Poor, poor whores!

Damsel in distress story begins with blondes waking up helplessly bound and gagged. Their clothes are unbuttoned and partially ripped. One of the ladies is having her big boobies fully exposed but there is nothing she can do about that. I wonder, if the girls are going to escape their captivity or they'd stay in hands of cruel savages?

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