Coeds with bad attitude are boung gagged and taken to the desert for a training

Master is using creativity when educating naughty schoolgirls. Watch him taking them bound and gagged to the desert in the back

It happens quite often when girls are in need of help when fighting bad attitude. Qualified master would suggest using spanking and other types of corporal punishments. But there is always another way. What about acting a bit bizarre and taking bound and gagged schoolgirls to the desert for unusual bondage training?

You have to admit the fact that guys from website is blessed with imagination and has lots of creativity! In this feature film they've grabbed a couple of naughty coeds, gagged them, put in bondage and taken away from school in the back of an SUV. Poor sluts has to go through many unpleasant hours to prove that they attitude has changed!

The first part of the action is all about using slave labor. Both blondes are absolutely nude, bound, gagged and forced to carry big boulders! I've seen lots of kinky bondage scenes but the one where undressed tied up women are forced to do the hard work under the hot summer sun is over the top!

Exhausted sluts are then being tied up to huge rocks and left alone for a long time. I guess they are going to have plenty of time (while hanging there bound and gagged) to think about their disgraceful behavior. Do I have to mention the fact that master fucked both of the tied up whores before leaving? You have to see this happening!

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