Cowgirl loses the catfight, ends up tied up and gagged

A couple of sexy cowgirls are having a catfight where one slut ends up being tied up and gagged with scarf

Men are always getting excited when a couple of hot girls are having a fight. It is getting even kinkier in case rope bondage and gags are involved. Today's pictures are exact of that type. Should I tell you that girls are wearing kinky costumes?

James Bertoni had started his website Models Tied to take bondage pictures of the most beautiful women around. He succeeded in that and currently it is impossible to find another place where this big number of extremely hot girls are posing in restraints wearing sexy clothes. James loves shooting bondage storylines and you are about to enjoy one of them in this post.

A couple of sexy cowgirls are at odds in the local bar. Arguing turns instantly into a full-force fight where the blondwins. She takes the rope out of her pocket and binds the busty slut she had beaten up. A scarf also becomes handy for gagging the dumb bitch. There is one more thing the winning woman did before leaving. She unbuttoned brunette's blouse leaving her with her big boobs exposed. Captive girl can do nothing about that: tied up and cleave gagged cowgirl would have to roll down on the dirty floor moaning silently waiting for someone to untie her!

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