Handcuffed lesbians is subjected to degrading search and interrogation

Police officer is interrogating the lesbians suspect: slavegirl Jasmine Sinclair is handucffed, stripped and searched.

Cops are normally carrying handcuffs when on the mission of serving and protecting. Why don't we take a look at a beautiful police girl using steel restraints when arresting sexy citizen?

Bound Honeys is famous for its extremely kinky lesbian BDSM storylines and this one is not an exception. A couple of sexy gals, naughty uniform, handcuffs and a whip - is there anything else you need to be happy?

Jasmine Sinclair has been arrested by the female cop and subjected to degrading search. Handcuffed and stripped, helpless blondspent a number of unpleasant minutes taking different poses on command. Officer checked up every hole in that sexy body but found nothing. Interrogation is the next on the list: leather whip is going to help officer to obtain a confession from a suspect. Restrained slut is better turn backwards and get ready for a series of painful lashes!

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