Lesbians are bound with steel and subjected to medieval tortures

A ouple of naked lesbian slaves are experiencing extreme steel bondage and painful medieval tortures

Guys from Infernal Restraints website are normally working with one submissive girl at a time but this time they are opened their doors for a couple of pain-loving lesbians. MILF Wenona and her younger mate Mattie are about to experience a number of medieval torture techniques for your viewing pleasure.

Lesbian slaves were undressed and put in a tiny BDSM cell where they could barely move. Look at the way they kiss each-other passionately being naked and caged! Captive sluts even tried to squeeze their bodies between the steel bars in attempt to escape. What a silly girls they are! Are you in the mood for watching them being fed like animals?

But the main part of the training was all about torturing naked girls with medieval devices. Pictures in this post are going to give you and impression of what kind of equipment was used to torment helpless lesbian subs. Wenona, for example, was locked in a bizarre metallic container where she was bound like a mummy. Lifted up in the air she was forced to watch her lover being tortured on a stretching rack. You definitely have to watch the movie showing this scene to hear all the sexy moans girl was making when subjected to this medieval torture!

Lots of steel restraints were used along the action and you can see both women lying on their bellies shackled and with wooden sticks shoved down into their cunts. Collared and chained those lesbians look adorable but there are more degrading tortures ahead! How do you feel about taking both ladies outdoor, cuffing them naked to the wooden post and leaving there in the rain? Looks like a perfect idea to me!

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