Ariel X is taken to the very limit with wooden pony torture

Ariel X looks extremely sexy once undressed, tied up and put on wooden pony for a breath play torture

What is the best way for submissive girl to celebrate a pair of new silicone tits? Wooden pony punishment of course! Ariel X is here to show off her newly done breasts and to work out her pussy with a sharp wooden edge.

Just half a year ago famous slaveslut Ariel X was having just tiny tits while today she can seduce men (and women) with good pair of breasts. I can't imagine a better way to demonstrate you these jugs other than to put submissive Ariel on top of a wooden pony device and let her have as much fun as possible. Beautiful mistress Gia DiMarco is there to help make this torment even more exciting.

Very few wooden pony slaves are having as muscular body as Miss Ariel X does. The girl probably spends the most part of her life in a gym class but, oh boy, does she looks sexy once undressed, tied with rope and riding wooden pony?

Mistress Gia selected very special pony device for this occasion: it is made from a solid wood and its edge is extremely sharp. Ariel prefers pain in her crotch to be intense and only this type of torture device can deliver the amount needed.

The setup for the scene is simple but tasteful. The slavegirl is fully nude and sitting on top of wooden pony with her hands tied behind the back. Each of her ankles is tightly roped to the floor: this simple technique prevents the sub from jumping off the torture device (or even moving an inch). A few rope nooses are put round woman's upper body: this makes her tits look even better. But the most thrilling part of featured wooden pony torture is excessive breath play. Asphyxiation can easily take a female to the very limit of her sexuality and plastic bag put over Ariel's head does the trick perfectly!

Heavy pussy stimulation makes this wooden pony ride very successful. Gia DiMarco applies her fingers to Ariel X clitor to help wood to make its job. I've put a closeup picture of tortured pussy in this post so you would be able to enjoy the size and color of Ariel's clitor. Unable to breath freely because of plastic bag over her head and the fact that her mouth is tape gagged, Ariel X is having orgasms multiple times along her wooden pony tease. I guess you can say this new boobs celebration was pretty successful!

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